Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Can Do On The Grill In a Pinch~AKA NO Power

We live in North, AL and as many of you know there was a tornado break out here last Wednesday April 27th. To say that this was a day of destruction and devastation is an understatment. My state has forever been changed. Thankfully we had no damage or loss in our family but the devastation is less than 30mins from my house.

One large tornado knocked out power to over 700,000 people in North, AL. My entire county was in the dark for 4 days. We lost power at my home on Wednesday night and it did not come back until Monday morning. Some people did not get their power back until today, for others it will be longer.

During this time the only way I had to cook was with my gas grill. Here is a list of things I was able to make on my grill:

I toasted whole wheat waffles I had made the day before



Turkey Bacon

Blueberry Muffins




Chili and Hot Dogs

Baked Beans


We ate well for people without power. I used my cast iron skillet for most of these cooking adventures.

I feel like we have been blessed to still have our home, our family and the ability to spend time together and cook our food on the grill. Please keep my state in your prayers if you can. There is so much loss right now, I know we will all recover but it is going to take time.


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  1. I'm glad to hear you all and your home are ok. We are praying for sure!