Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Product Review: Buddy Fruits

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This week I am reviewing 'Buddy Fruits'. The first time I saw this product was this week actually. A student of mine came into school with it. Our school is a low/no sugar school, no chocolate, and only 100% fruit juice is allowed. We are a private school and encourage healthy eating. I have never actually tried this product. If anyone out there has, please comment and let me know your opinions on it.


Here are the facts:

You eat it straight out of the pouch.

It is 100% fruit.

1 Buddy Fruits is equal to one fresh fruit.

"NO preservatives
NO colorings
NO additives
NO fat
NO genetic modification
NO artificial flavorings
NO dairy or gluten
NOthing artificial" -straight from the website:

Cost: $65 for 3 of the display cases, like pictured above. At least this is the cost if you buy straight from the website.

My opinion, I might buy it just to see what its all about but I cannot even assure you of that. It seems very expensive to me and my son will eat fresh fruit without a fuss.

What your take on it?


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1 comment:

  1. Hmm, the way I figured it out was about a $1.00 per pouch??? that is crazy! Anyway I haven't see the product before and I know Miss V would just rather eat a piece of fruit. Oh and never mind the trash that this product must make.