Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grilled Dinner & Breakfast Bruschetta

Sunday was my first day of grilling dinner and boy did it turn out great! We had steak, corn on the cob, potatoes and cucumber dill salad. I got my cucumber dill salad recipe from Siggy Spice:


This is a really yummy one; go on over and give it a try.

Ok now on with the dinner recipes.

I had a great find at Publix on Sunday. I got 3 New York Strip Steaks for $14.00, great deal!

*Marinate your Steaks in Balsamic Dressing and 2 tblsp of Worsteshire Sauce for 1 hour.


*Grill to your liking, my husband likes his cow still mooing. My son and I prefer our steaks actually done however.



*I peeled and diced 3 baking potatoes in small pieces


*Coat your potatoes in Olive Oil, Italian Seasoning and Garlic Salt

*Tear a large piece of foil, spray with non stick spray

*Put potatoes in the middle of the foil and make a packet

*Grill for about 30 mins on Med-Med High, until tender



Corn on The Cob

My son did these all by himself and was very proud.

*Shuck your corn

*Tear pieces of foil to wrap your corn in

*Spray your corn with olive oil non stick spray


*Sprinkle garlic salt and pepper on each corn cob

*Wrap your corn cobbs and cook them on the grill for about 30mins on Med-Med High heat.


Last is my yummy breakfast recipe. I got this from a Kraft Food and Family Magazine I have had for years. It is called 'Breakfast Bruschetta' and very healthy as well as tasty.

*1 piece of whole wheat/ whole grain bread toasted

*Spread cream cheese over toast, then spread orangle marmalade or jam over the cream cheese

*Top your toast with sliced strawberries and bananas


I am sure you could mix this up all kinds of ways. I put strawberry preserves on my husband because he prefers strawberry to orange.


I hope you enjoy these yummy recipes! I know our family did.


This is kiddo's plate; he came back for his second corn on the cob and more steak.



  1. Oh I love corn on the grill!!!! I think it is McCormicks that has a great Parmesean Herb blend and everyone loves that. I have also done tex mex with taco or fajita seasoning and italian wit garlic powder, and Italian herbs. YUM!!!

    Last summer at my former job, we taught the kids how to roast corn with the husks on. Just have to peel it back and remove the silk. Then soak the corn with husks still on in cold water for about 20 minutes then grill it. Since the husks are wet the corn doesnt burn and it gets a nice smokey flavor.