Saturday, April 17, 2010

Undercover In The School Cafeteria

While surfing my message boards on tonight I came across an article which particularly peaked my interest. It was about a teacher in IL who decided to start eating out of the schools cafeteria everday of 2010. She actually started a blog about her experiences with the school lunches she had been eating.

This is a very interesting, and in my opinion pretty shocking, blog that I highly suggest taking a look at.

For awhile now I have been packing my son's lunch everyday. Whenever I let him buy he would come home practically tearing the house apart looking for a snack, he was hungry. Then one day while volunteering in the lunchroom at his school as the "ketchup package opening lady" I actually took notice of how much the children were being served to eat. I was appalled! The serving sizes seemed so meager to me, not to mention the food did not look 'delicious' to say the least. It all actually looked very bland to me.

Please don't mistake me as saying that every school cafeteria provides these 'cardboard lunches', I know they don't. My sister is a Kindergarten teacher and her school has wonderful lunches. The children are also given much better portions than in the school system we are zoned for.

So, if you get the chance I encourage you to take a second look at what your child's cafeteria is providing. You just might be a little shocked.


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  1. I love that blog!!! I cannot believe what those kids have to eat. Miss V's school does not have a cafeteria and parents have to pack lunches for the kids. I know some people that do not go to school there are shocked and I get comments like isn't it harder to pack lunch. Well no...because Miss V can all sorts of different stuff each day. I don't think she has the same lunch in the same week. The school does have pizza brought in on Friday and you order it at the beginning of the school year.