Monday, April 19, 2010

Our School's Lunch Menu For This Week 4/19

I am totally in love with Mrs. Q's lunch blog and have really enjoyed reading several other blogs she follows. As I stated in my last post I pack my son's lunch more often than not. When I realized on Friday 'Pizza Days' he was only pulling the large plastic looking sheet of cheese off of the pizza and eating it, leaving the bread on his plate, I thought, "why am I paying for this?" I honestly thought he enjoyed Friday's so that was the one day of the week I would allow him to buy. With my new realization of how much he didn't actually enjoy it I started packing for him on Friday's as well.

But enough of my ramblings, here is this weeks lunch menu at our school in Alabama:


Sloppy Joe on Bun,
Corn-on-the-Cob, Sun Chips,
Pickle Spears,
Chilled Pear Cup


Deli Turkey and Cheese on Bun, Potato Wedges, Shredded Lettuce,
Sliced Tomatoes,
Pickle Slices,
Ice Cream Cup


Ham Slice,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Beans, Yeast Roll, Iced Cake Square
with Sprinkles


on Bun, Vegetable Soup,
Baby Carrots,


Tossed Salad (I need to add that the tossed salad is a bagged salad mix of iceburg lettuce with the little shreds of purple cabbage in it)
with Dressing,
Peach Cup, Cookie


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