Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lunch On A Stick

I found this really cute idea in my Fall issue of Kraft Food And Family magazine. This has been a big hit with kiddo, he loves it when I mix up the old familiar things in a new way.

What you need:

Small wood kabob sticks

Any veggies, cheese chunks, lunch meats your kid likes

A small container for dips if needed

A kiddo to help you out (only if they want to, but who wouldn't want to?)

What you do:

Put the sandwich items on a stick. Now you have lunch kabobs, pretty cool huh?


This lunch on a stick is roast beef Boarshead lunch meat, colby cheese chunks and cherry tomatoes.


This one took on more of an 'Italian' theme with turkey pepperoni, colby cheese chunks, black olives, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

I have done a few other lunch on a stick ideas, I will post those later though as those had a few more steps to them. Not to mention they had apples in them, so that will be another apple post.



  1. Clever ideas ... Check out my lunch website if you'd like to share these. You can calculate nutrition and post a nutrition fact card on your site - here's the info:
    Love the lunch on a stick idea :) Happy lunch making ~Amy

  2. Wonderful tip! I'm pretty sure my kid will love this. Eating healthy can be fun this way so I bet this can be a big hit with my kid too. Thanks a lot!