Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

I have asked this question on my Kids Eating Healthy message board before. I am always interested to hear people's responses.

I get alot of my recipe ideas for my Kraft Food and Family magazine. They come in the mail about every 3 months. The magazine used to be free but now it is about $13.00 a year. Which in my opinion is still not bad at all.

The second place I get my recipes from is of course, Blogs! I have been a bloggy reader longer than I have been a writer. I love cruising other peoples blogs and seeing what new recipe ideas they have. I think my message board also ties in here. Since my board is themed, and is all about Kids Eating Healthy there are some great recipe ideas there and tips.

Third would have to be my family. There are a few tried and true recipes we pass down, porcupines, goulash, beef stew, and potato salad, just to name a few. Those are the recipes that remind me of home and take me back to my childhood everytime I make them. Those are also the recipes I want to share with my son the most. I want him to have the same memories I do.

Last is cooking shows. I have tried recipes from Rachel, Giada, Alex and Paula, those are my go to chefs. I tend to watch the recipe on the show and then hit the website.

And when all else fails I hit Google, always has some good ideas.

So that's my rambling for this Sunday. I'd like to know, where do you get your recipes?



  1. I love Taste of Home magazine or site. Betty Crocker magazine and site are good too. I also get a lot of recipes from cookbooks. Lastly would be Food Network site. I have a few favorite chefs and stick with their recipes.

  2. I get 90% of my recipes from Their recipes contain nutritional information, and they have an ingredient search option to help me think of new ideas for what I have on hand.