Saturday, May 29, 2010

Staying Healthy but Having to Eat Out

Our air conditioner went out this week. Well, it didn't actually go out but both of the drip pans have rusted causing the water from the unit to soak the ceiling in the garage, thus causing a part of the ceiling to fall. YAY! NOT! Needless to say it has been an eventful week around here and will continue to be for the next 7-10 days while we wait for the new pans to come in and be installed. GO US!

We live in Alabama. The state motto should be: 'gets hot in April and stays hot till October'. Trying to cook in a house with no air when it is 98 degrees out is not a fun thing. I turned the stove on the other day to boil two eggs for my son's breakfast and about died even with the windows open and fans on. We have become 'eating out junkies' since last Monday when this all took place. We are trying our best to eat healthy but I know we are falling off of the bandwagon. There are plenty of healthy things on the menus but it is still a daunting task when you are used to eating at home. We have been working to choose healthy salads, salad bars, baked potatos, fruits and such as much as we can. Subway has become pretty regular, we had Ruby Tuesday last night,(their kids menu is pretty decent), Chick Fil A, and we have done Wendy's as well.

What are some of your favorite healthy things or healthy place to eat when you eat out?

I am hoping to break the eating out cycle tomorrow. I will be heading to the store (finally) with my list of things I can cook in the crockpot or on the grill.



  1. I like Chipotle. My girls will either split a burrito or they will order something off the kid's menu. The food is fresh and very good!

    Hope the AC is fixed sooner. We live in Texas so I feel your pain. We just got our pool up so that helps keep the girls entertained and cool.

  2. Subway! As for your AC, we had an AC issue a few weeks ago. It was the first HOT week here in SW Florida. It was just awful. We did have a portable unit that kept the center of the house a bit cooler at 82 and the rest of the house...well it was warmer than that.

    I did a lot of grilled chicken sandwiches and lots of salads.

    When it is hot out and I used the crock pot, I set it up in the garage so it won't heat up the house.

    Good luck and hopt your AC is fixed soon!!!

  3. We have a portable unit too Lynn, its in the back of the house right now so we can sleep comfortably. I remember reading about your A/C issues on FB. :) I hope ours is fixed soon.