Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Organic or Not Organic...That is the Question.

Organic, sounds good right? Things are natural, no hormones, pesticide free, they must be good for you...better for you. So why not buy them? For my family I prefer to buy organic. I can actually tell a difference in the taste of organic milk as opposed to that of non organic milk. As much as I would like to buy everthing organic it is simply not possible for us. Why? The expense, organic food costs more than non organic. The 'why' of this is something I have mulled over in my mind numerous times. Why should something which is less 'messed with' cost more money? Shouldn't the food which is 'messed with' cost more? No, because the food that is 'messed with' is done that way to make it last longer and be produced in mass production. At least that is the answer I have come up with for myself.

Still there are some foods which it is suggested you buy organic instead of non organic. Here is a great article and slideshow from WedMD...



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