Thursday, April 14, 2011

Packed School Lunches Banned~What They Offer

I am sure you have all heard of or read about the school in Chicago which has banned students from bringing home made lunches to school. No more brown bagging, they have to buy what is offered daily in the school cafeteria. Here is the article from the Chicago Tribune

At first I was furious to read this. As a parent who packs lunch for my child every day and takes pride in what I pack I was angry at the idea that someone could make these kinds of decisions about what children are eating for lunch. After much debate on my message boards I do see the logic behind it; helping children have something healthier. However, when I went looking for more information on the story I found this picture:


also part of the article in the Chicago Tribune. Is this really what they are serving for lunch? I then googled to try and find the school website, I found it.

I searched the website over hoping to find their weekly lunch menu which they were claiming was much healthier than packed lunches the students in their school were bringing. No such luck. I could not find a link to a menu at all. I find this odd because I know that my son's public school publishes their weekly menu on their website. The small private school I work at also has the weekly lunch menu published online as well. Just from gazing at the picture I am having second thoughts about this whole 'our lunch is healthier' claim. Maybe its just me but what these kids are being served doesn't look any different than what is being served in my local public school and that's not saying a whole lot in a positive direction.




  1. This really has me in a tizzy! I don't understand why they don't ban certain foods (chips, candy, cookies) and give healthy suggestions for what to pack. I for one loooove veggies, and would rather not eat them the way I remember them being served in school lunches. I suspect my kids would be the same way.

  2. Whenever I have gone to eat lunch w/ my son I see them as mushy and over cooked. Totally agree w/ you on the veggie thing. :) Thanks so much for sharing!